retro fun for everyone

I love retro. Who doesn't love retro?

Here are some products which have recently popped up on the brilliant Retro To Go.

A 60s-style dome umbrella for just £10 here on the V&A website (in red, pink, grey or black).

A rather cool cushion featuring a testcard pattern, designed by Henriette Hyldgaard and on sale for £33. Available here at Funktion Alley.

Vespa shoulder bags - four different designs for sale right here on the Purves website.

A set of three Andy Warhol watches for $44.10 (that's around £22 - bargain!) from Plasticland.

Visit Retro To Go for more vintage inspiration.


3 September 2008 at 02:50 hemant said...

Wonderful, these products are well designed and cheap. What an imagination of retro fun? People will be like these products.

Chandan Kumar