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etsy finds

Here are a few things which caught my eye on Etsy recently:

1. Red Bear Brooch by ememem, $37
2. Happy Sloth necklace by marymaryhandmade, $30.

3. Ctrl Alt Del Geek Pillows by diffractionfiber, $46.40.
4. Totoro Leather Journal by BindMe, $30.

squirrels from outer space

Squirrels! From Space! What's not to love?

Found in pilihp's Flickr photostream.

follow the line

This book by Laura Ljungkvist looks great - a continuous line leads you through the stylishly illustrated pages, joining various objects along the way.

Via stickers and stuff.

julien pacaud

I'm not usually a huge fan of collage but Julien Pacaud's work is a perfect example of how effective the medium can be when it's done so amazingly well - clever compositions and strong colour pallettes.

Via animinimalism.


Wow! Jazz. A book cover by Cliff Roberts in 1955, for 'The First Book of Jazz'. Found in davidgeorgepearson's Flickr Photostream, where you can also see illustrations from the inside of the book.

tree railing

I really like this unique stair railing (not so keen on the vase next to it but you can't have everything), made by a company called Imagination in Metals. I live in an apartment, so I don't actually have any stairs to call my own. Heck, the apartment isn't even mine, we rent...but railings like this make me want stairs.

Via stylisholmes.wordpress.com.

lego and paper

LEGO + paper + special hole punch = genius. MUJI Japan have teamed up with LEGO to create these gorgeous innovative sets, whereby you can use the hole punch to create LEGO-sized holes in paper. Even more playful possibilities than ever before.

Sell them in Europe please, MUJI!

Via Highsnobiety.com.

froot loops

Whilst browsing a brilliant blog called stickers and stuff, I came across this Froot Loops image. This cereal is one of my enduring memories of a holiday to Florida when I was 8 years of age...I need to buy some off the internet! Or I could buy this book of retro packaging instead. Both would be appreciated.

PS Just noticed the Pig Latin translation in the image - "ootfray oopslay". I like this detail muchly.

Sam Weber

I've seen a lot of talk about Sam Weber recently, husband of the previously mentioned Jilian Tamaki

I really love his work, a move skewering the human photocopier approach to rendering and bringing in some very powerful use of negative space.

I will gladly admit he's very much one for me rather than Z.


erwin wurm

If cars really could fly then I'd take lessons to learn how to drive straight away. As it so happens, cars don't fly. So I don't drive.

Erwin Wurm's 'UFO' is very convincing, though. I almost believe that my futuristic fantasy car already exists out there, somewhere.

Via we make money not art.

karolin schnoor

Christmas is coming soon - here's some fabulously festive work by Karolin Schnoor to get you into the spirit of things (click to view larger size). Visit her website to enjoy equally great and non-Christmas related illustrations!

kodak booth

A fascinating post on Kevin Kidney's blog, paying some respect to a Disneyland booth and detailing the history of how it came to be (it was originally used to sell Fantasyland tickets). It's still in use today!


They have their own lives.

Via Benjamin F.

donut seeds

Oh wow - plant those seeds! I want to see donut trees.

For a book called "Eat Me: The Food and Philosophy of Kenny Shopsin". More photos for this project by Jason Fulford here.

water on lens

Last month, The Movieum of London in Southbank showcased underwater photographs from Pinewood Studios TV, music videos and films such as Casino Royale, The Da Vinci Code and Elizabeth: The Golden Age. I can't resist an underwater room!

Via ShortList.com.

noma bar

Noma Bar's work is very intelligent indeed - his use of negative space is incredibly effective.

Via Existing Visual.

darling clementine

Enjoying the retro chic illustration and design work of Norway's Darling Clementine.


pantone swatches

Why do these not exist yet? I want one. These super swatches are Paul Finn's idea - I sincerely hope they get made!

Via We Made This.

yoko tanaka

This painting at Nucleus Gallery by Yoko Tanaka made me smile. It is entitled "Passport of Pawland for Zinfandel".

what i wish i'd worn for halloween

Quite a lot of effort on the behalf of an artist from MAC Cosmetics, who painted a woman as a figure from a Roy Lichtenstein painting for Halloween. I wish I'd thought of this! Photos from Tasha Marie.

Via Neatorama.

lucky cat candy

Well, these are just very clever, aren't they? These "sweet" creations use the candy contents of the packaging in conjunction with the printed design on the cellophane to create a miniature lucky cat! Or a Maneki Neko, as they are also known.

Via TheDieline.

simon page

Oooh...gorgeous retro-ness courtesy of Simon Page, with a set of posters created for the International Year of Astronomy 2009.

Via ISO50.

light blubs

I'm a bit obsessed with anglepoise lamps at the moment, so I loved this as soon as I saw it - it is a "light blub" by Pieke Bergmans.

This piece and others in the series are described as light bulbs which have "gone way out of line", taking on strange forms and sizes. There are some really great images on Pieke's website.

Via Dezeen.

here is the house you'll live in tomorrow

A vintage 'Space Age' illustration, courtesy of Will S. on Flickr. They (and by "they", I refer to the good people of 1957) reckoned that we would live like this in 1989.

I feel somewhat cheated.

Via WellMedicated, where there are many more vivid visions from the 1950s.

kerstin zu pan

Sparkly and surreal photography by Berlin-based photographer Kerstin zu Pan.

Also, one day I am going to stick sequins all over my face in such a considered fashion. Hmmm!

Via today and tomorrow.

mood bottle openers

These mood bottle openers could help you to express your emotions - shocked, crazy or happy - when opening a bottle.

Available on Poketo, 3 for $40 or $14 each.

dkng studios

DKNG Studios are Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman. I was particularly impressed by their perfect portfolio of posters (drawn in by an image on FFFFOUND!, as per usual).

paris street view

Michael Wolf used Google Street View to create interesting images of Paris. Largely unaware of the Google cameras, people (and pigeons!) go about their everyday business, allowing for artistic crops of natural moments.

Via things magazine.


Great confectionery wrapper designs in this Flickr set by Joad Henry.