hew locke

Hew Locke has some new work and a new exhibition called 'Kingdom of the Blind', featuring his magnificent wall drawings and sculptures - these are made up from hundreds of tiny pound shop and market-bought objects such as miniature plastic animals, doll parts, fake weapons and sequins.

His work follows the themes of power and cultural identity, questioning them by subverting the iconography related to them.

According to the Iniva website, Locke's new exhibition "brings together these formal and thematic elements of his practice to create his first ever ‘museum display' - a fictional collection of the possessions of an imaginary ruler".

The installation depicts the fictional leader's rise to power, Locke's figures enacting moments of victory in battle and resembling elaborate votive objects.

The exhibition is on from 03.09.08 - 20.10.08 at Rivington Place in London.